NATUR-PACK celebrates its 10th jubilee with successful cooperation with the IFF Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm.

Last year the company NATUR-PACK became a general partner of the event. ,,We consider the festival to be extremely important in spreading the message of films and accompanying educational events in different parts of Slovakia, at the level of regional and district towns. Thanks to this travelling festival, films about the idea of sustainable development and nature conservation will get a significantly larger number of visitors than in the past.” 

2016 is a breakthrough year for the company NATUR -PACK. This year they celebrate the 10th anniversary of its founding and at the same time due to changes in legislation they prepare themselves for operating in a completely new conditions , accompanied by a literally revolutionary changes in waste management.

After obtaining the authorization of the Ministry of the Environment in the second half of 2016 NATUR-PACK changed from eligible organization to the organization of producer responsibility ( Foreign Relations Department ) . Similarly, as their new label is extended our duties and level of responsibility for sorting and recycling of municipal waste in Slovakia will also extend.

The municipalities will be a direct part of our collective system, which will not only finance the separate collection of household waste, but also take over responsibility for environmental education. Source of funding for separate collection of waste will be recycling fees paid by thousands of companies producing products ending in the municipal waste.

To March 31, 2016 by meeting the conditions for granting authorization for the operation of the Foreign Relations Department NATUR-PACK have earned trust of 1107 municipalities that signed a contract with  them. These include the three largest Slovak government – Bratislava , Košice and Prešov .

NATUR -PACK decided to be an active partner of the Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm which can without exaggeration be considered one of the greatest ecological events in Slovakia. Already in the previous year, we have actively participated in performances at the Junior Festival for which we have prepared a curriculum and we also performed with the combined program with our partners from the NGO DAPHNE, ŽIVICA and OZ EKORAST. In collaboration we created a series of unique eco-educational projects that help raise awareness of its responsibility towards the environment through proper waste management.

NATUP-PACK’s main mission is environmental awareness, which they do a lot since its inception. After ten years, the time has come to use the experience gained to fulfill eco educational and promotional activities that require the Foreign Relations Department of the new law on waste. “We look forward to the film festival Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm this year, an important part of our educational activities, that will bring joy and benefit to thousands of visitors .


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