Info about film

Catalog number: A284
English name: FLOW OF LIFE
Year: 2017
Country: POLAND
Category: A
Length: 52 min.
Language: SK DUBBING/ ENGLISH subtitles
Ekotopfilm year: 2018

Info about projection


Imagine the beautiful land vibrant with life in which the luxuriant flora explodes with feast of shades of green every spring brightling till autumn. A space on which countless quantity of animals species such as birds and insects found their safe place. Imagine the softness of fur, the overpowering scent of wet meadow and moss, a feathery wings flapping, a melodious buzzing, and a love chirping during the mating, a cheerful trill and twitter. Imagine the Life. And now imagine, how that all disappears under the cold turquoise surface of water… How it dies becoming only a memory sunk at the bottom of the artificial water body. Does the man really want it? The original natural-documentary film “The Flow of Life” which is specific kind of time travel showing the magic corners of the Skawa River that no longer exist or will disappear in a moment against a background of a newly built body of water in Świnna Poręba.


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