Make a note in your calendar, the festival Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm take place from 16 to 20 May 2016. Hotel Tatra Bratislava and Europa SC in Banská Bystrica again are venues where you are welcomed. Be ready for film tasting!


The selection of films has been very difficult this year, but we made it! We look forward to the excessive interest on the part of applicants and directors of films. The Selection committee had to watch over 400 submitted films. During the five festival days we can screen only a certain number of films, so the Official Selection narrowed to 110 of the best documentaries. Four non-competitive documentaries will be screened during the festival.

Film themes
What are the films you can look forward to? The festival will resonate with themes such as climate change and the associated global warming, glaciers recess. We will look closely at the personal relationship of man and nature, and the very planet Earth. We will observe the path of evolution, on the one hand the development of new species, on the other hand, the threat of extinction of endangered species. We certainly won’t avoid the issue of waste management and recycling. We’ll enter into our conscience and think about the consumer lifestyle, excessive consumption, unethical and unsustainable terms of food or fashion industry. We’ll enjoy aerial photos from remote corners of the world, approach the human body and head towards the microscopic safari. We’ll show you the latest technological solutions and procedures that help us move forward to sustainability, change customary processes for the benefit of a better, greener tomorrow.


Festival’s international attribute is not just for anything. This year’s festival involves 25 countries, including Slovakia. The countries with the largest number of selected films include the United States, Slovakia , Germany, France , Italy , Czech Republic, United Kingdom. Also countries like Mexico , Chile, Singapore , Iran , India , as well as Norway and the Netherlands with its production will enrich our Official selection.


As in previous years, you can enjoy movies from different competition categories. A novelty is the category of Short films.

A. Science and Technology – max 60 Minutes – Films that explain the role of science and technology in maintaining a sustainable environment. These films should inform viewers about new trends, technologies, and materials that are being developed to address the challenges of sustainable development

B. Nature and Natural Science – max 60 Minutes – Films intended to inform and entertain by creatively exploring ecological systems and their inhabitants (people, flora, fauna). The goal of these films is to show viewers how earth’s inhabitants interact within their environment and how each one attempts to maintain their position and continue to thrive.

C. Technology Success Stories – max 60 Minutes – Films about individuals (or groups) who have used science or technology to successfully address a  specific ecological problem. These films should describe the technological activities that are improving local sustainability issues, and that may have global applications.

D. Human Activity Success Stories – max 60 Minutes – Films about how individuals (or groups) have addressed sustainability issues through changes in the attitudes and behaviors of the people involved. Entries should explore any new activities or processes that are successfully resolving ecology and quality of life issues.

E. Current Affairs – max 60 Minutes – Films about contemporary ecological sustainability issues and crises, and their impact on global or local environment or culture. These issues can be the result of natural events such as climate change, drought, storms, floods, or earthquakes; or the result of human activity, such as population growth, habitat destruction, misuse of natural resources, or waste mismanagement.

F. Children and Youth – max 45 Minutes – Films for school age children, those focus on environmental education (recycling, endangered species, endangered environments etc.).

G. Short films – max 20 Minutes – This category is for short films addressing ecology, natural science, environmental issues and sustainability in thought-provoking and inspiring way.

As well as our festival the Jury is international in composition. Professionals in the artistic and scientific field led by festival’s regular, President of the International Jury Bruce Bucklin, will decide on the winning films. The winning films will go with us on an adventurous tour across the country.

Remember , May is the time of love and also time of festival. We invite you to Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm, from 16 to 20 May in Bratislava and Banská Bystrica.