Info about film

Catalog number: B711
English name: TRIBE VS. PRIDE
Year: 2017
Country: AUSTRIA
Category: B
Length: 53 min.
Language: SK DUBBING/NO SUBTITLES subtitles
Ekotopfilm year: 2018

Info about projection


For thousands of years, Kenya’s Maasai people had an ancient ritual: to prove their skills and courage, young men ventured out into the savannah – to search and kill a lion… But due to habitat loss, poaching and hunting, today there are only 20,000 lions left in Africa. As a means to stop the falling lion numbers, the Maasai decided to change their culture: instead of killing lions, the young men now compete in a different physical test: athletics. In 2008, the Maasai Olympics were founded, taking place in Kenya biannually. This way, bravery can still be expressed while the lion may continue to roam the African savannahs…


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