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Catalog number: A1303
English name: THE LIVING RIVER
Director: ERIK BALÁŽ
Year: 2017
Category: A
Length: 52 min.
Language: SLOVAK/NO SUBTITLES subtitles
Ekotopfilm year: 2018

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It’s the beginning of May. The rushing torrent supplied by melting snow changes the emerald water of mountain tarns to white foam. Hundreds of springs of crystal-clear water are gradually joining in the wilderness of Tatra Mts. and creating one of the last wild rivers in the Central Europe. Water from melting snow runs away and water from numerous spring heavy rains runs in brooks. The furious river increases its flow rate, pick ups soil, floods the forest, carries fallen trees and completes the spectacular theatre of unfettered nature. Everything has changed after the flood. Where the forest grew formerly the river is running now. Only stones and sand are in the former riverbed. But what can be considered a senseless picture of destruction is a masterpiece in fact. The river does not destroy, it creates and supports many forms of life. From aquatic insects, through trout flocks, to otters hunting in rapids. But big beasts are also coming – bears, wolves and even a feature. The Belá River is cold, rapid and dangerous. But it is also rich. Generous. Free. It remains unrestrained till now. It persisted in order to remind us how wild rivers look. In order to inspire us to return the liberty back to rivers that have already lost their freedom.


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