Miriam Luknár Tursunova’s Blog

The festival has closed its gates and I’m filled with impressions, words, images, sounds… It’s been a very intense year. I think, one of those you never forget, a memorable one. Jane Goodall, dazzling and inspiring, has touched our hearts with her powerful message, given us hope and courage.  

Strong film stories made me stop, ponder and realise that everything starts with US. We all, are part of a mysterious web of life where all is connected, the living and non-living. All, even a very small particle exists for a reason, making a perfect sense. Even the smallest creature or elusive plant is equally important than You and Me. For we all share this wonderful blue Planet Earth, which we don’t inherit from our ancestors but borrow from our children. All together, we shape and form our environment in the infinite cycles, which love to be in balance.  Once the balance is disturbed each particle of the web suffers the consequences. Our ancestors knew that very well and felt deep respect for the nature. They lived with awe and humbleness in heart. Thus, leaving this fragile but life-giving balance undisturbed. We shouldn’t live in fear but love, feel the love and appreciation for our Mother Earth – Gaia. Let’s learn to feel Her greatness and perfection, which goes beyond all human…

Gaia, being a good mother, sustains and nurtures us, providing all what we need. And what about Us? Let’s stop plundering and exploiting her just for our own benefit, because in larger picture, it’s  irrelevant and very destructive. 

Let’s try and stop those who are blind by greed and don’t realise it. When we all take action and put our heart into it, we must succeed!

Our only Mother Earth deserves it!

Thank you all who contribute to the conservation and protection of our only HOME, acting big or small. 

Thank you for the opportunity being part of the festival, and thus, promoting and sharing this unique message.