Regional Festival Tour is a yearlong project with aim to bring the best of the festival documentary selection from the current annual to regions of Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland.

In cooperation with cities and municipalities our annual aim is to visit more than 50 cities in each aforementioned country. Our goal is to change the social behavior in relation to the sustainable development in an inspiring way and to create a space for open discussion on issues of sustainability. It is important for us to bring such topics clearly, attractively and enjoyably in order to attract as many visitors as we can in all regions. On our Tour we look forward to meeting each attendant.


Showcase of the best-awarded documentaries usually last two days in regional cities and one day in district towns.

Festival mornings are dedicated to children and youth. Junior festival is tailored for each age category, film program as well as accompanying activities. Those activities play an important role in informing kids on environment protection.


In the afternoon we’re readying the film screen for the public. We screen the best awarded documentary films from current annual. Festival in each city is free of charge for all visitors.

Besides film screening we also hold discussions on current issues and topics with renowned guest speakers, professionals and activists.