What awaits you, when you’ll grow up? Our festival deals with this question dearly, our main focus is on sustainable development. To reach sustainability means to progress with the environment in mind, to conserve and protect it. Indian tribes that have lived in strong connection to nature understood this well. Not incidentally the Indian saying goes, that we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

Junior festival is a unique part of the festival with specialized program for elementary, secondary and high school schoolchildren. We bring real environmental education to selected cities and towns around Slovakia, Czech republic and Poland. Our aim is to inspire and encourage children to responsibility and build their relationship towards the environment. This is attained thanks to film screen and fun accompanying activities.

Program is adjusted to fit each age category. Junior festival usually occurs in the morning, there are 30 minutes of film screenings and other 30 for activities. Film program consist of short educative films, where people from all around the world speak to our young generation. Thanks to accompanying activities, kids can learn how to sort waste, protect forests, save energy and conserve the environment.

It us our children, our young generation, that are often used as motivation to protect our planet and at the same time it is them who need to be informed and taught, to forward this message further. We’re glad that thanks to our Junior festival we can bring many inspirational ideas and encouraging information to the youth.